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Best Induction Cooktops in India | Electric Cooktops

Induction Cooktops have gotten very mainstream in India as it lessens the cooking time by half. Since in induction cooker, heat is produced inside the vessel which forestalls heat misfortune and lets the food cook rapidly.

As the food is prepared inside less measure of time, operational and upkeep costs are a lot lesser contrasted with LPG gas ovens and electric cookers. As the warmth outflow is additionally less, you will encounter an advantageous cooking condition. The greater part of the Induction Cooker present in India accompany single cooking zone.

While buying an Induction Cooktop, wattage is the main significant factor to consider. Essential thumb rule is more the wattage, quicker will the cooking time. Induction cooktops with above 1500 Watts power utilization are the most appropriate for Indian cooking.

Electric Cooktops vs Induction Cooktops: Electric cooktops radiate brilliant warmth from their individual warming components. On the other hand, Induction cooktops moves heat through electromagnetism into conductive cookware with essentially no hint of warmth on the induction component itself. The best cooktop depends on your good choice.

In the event that you haven’t got a lot of time, at that point essentially jump into the rundown of Best Induction Cooktops in India to pick the correct one for home needs and available on AMAZON & FLIPKART.

Best Induction Cooktops in India

Prestige Iris1200 WattRs 1938
Philips Viva2100 WattRs 2799
Usha Cook Joy1600 WattRs 1956
Pigeon1800 WattRs 1449
Havells1600 WattRs 2399
Bajaj Majesty ICX1900 WattRs 2995
V-Guard VIC2000 WattRs 2134

Prestige Iris:

Prestige Induction Cooktop a preset Indian menu to assist you with cooking your preferred dish consummately, a programmed voltage controller that guarantees toughness and force sparing innovation to guarantee more food is prepared while utilizing less force. An effective and snappier approach to prepare a delightful supper is this Prestige Iris 1.0 Induction Cooktop.

  • 1200-Watt Induction cooktop
  • Indian menu choices
  • Anti-magnetic wall
  • Timer with client preset
  • Programmed voltage controller

Philips Viva:

Philips Electromagnetic cooktops innovation guarantee high warming efficiency, cooks food quicker than gas oven. Seals sustenance into the food and forestalls nutrient misfortune. You don’t need to stress over that any longer as Philips induction cooktop has 6 preset cooking menus which doesn’t expect you to sit around idly changing the temperature.

  • Modified for Indian cooking
  • Contact start for usability
  • 0 to 3 hours time setting
  • Auto-off program prepares food securely
  • More open to cooking without fire
  • Cool-to-contact surface cooks nourishments securely
  • Guarantee: 1 year on item
  • Wattage: 2100 watts
  • Voltage: 220-240 volts

Pigeon Cruise:

The Pigeon Cruise induction cooktop is an absolute necessity have for current kitchens. Effectively compact, For a high warming proficiency, this Pigeon induction cooker utilizes a greater warming component. This smooth and popular cooktop is made of microcrystal plate and consumes less space on the kitchen table. Change to a sound method of cooking with this Pigeon enlistment cooktop that holds all the supplements and fundamental nutrients in the food dissimilar to regular method of cooking.

  • Savvy clock for hands free cooking
  • Line length- 1.3 meter
  • Preset clock- auto switch off
  • Material- Ceramic
  • Delicate press button
  • Temperature Control- Manual
  • 93% energy saving innovation
  • Guarantee- 1 year
  • Voltage- 230V
  • Power- 1800 Watts
  • 7 portions LED show for power and temperature.


By Havells  Insta Cook PT Cooktop , diverse cooking modes, auto dish recognition, power-off and switch-off highlights makes it simple to cook and saves money on time too. this cooktop utilizes a serious acceptance innovation, which makes it protected and helpful to utilize with environment friendly appliances. Havells Induction Cooktop includes a LED show for simple determination of menus for problem free cooking. The presentation lets you beware of the chose time and different highlights without any problem.

  • Variable force control
  • 3 Hour Preset Timer
  • Voltage- 220-240 V
  • Power- 1600 W
  • Frequency- 50 Hz
  • String length- 1.2m
  • Fixed and variable cooking
  • 6 distinctive mode of cooking capacities
  • Advanced LED show for simple activity
  • Auto dish ditection and auto power off
  • Automatic switch off at high temperature

V-Guard VIC:

The V-Guard VIC 15 Induction cooktop with high/low voltage shorts, 25 amps IGBT and checking of power utilization and line voltage, Induction cooktop VIC 15 has underlying honorable wellbeing estimates that keep you and your property from getting hurt. From flood, overheat indicators to a child’s security lock, V-Guard Induction cooktop gives an element of 8 phase force and temperature settings that causes you carry on with a pressure free life. With this cooktop, your culinary manifestations make certain to be more great with less exertion.

  • 4 digit LED Display
  • Computerized timer control
  • Spill-confirmation and automatic switch off Power Indicator
  • 8 Power levels
  • Power: 2000 watts
  • Quick warming function
  • Copper Coil
  • Crystalline Polished Glass
  • Weight-2 kg

Usha Cook Joy:

Usha induction cooktops are excessively helpful kitchen apparatuses utilized for preparing food in a simple and hassle free way. These cutting edge, mechanically progressed enlistment cooktops are smooth and acceptable to take a gander at as well as simple to clean as well. Usha induction cooker accompany a copper loop and temperature control for solid and safe cooking and works just when Cookware is put on.

  • Container sensor innovation
  • 5 Preset menu
  • Security gadget (metal oxide varistor)
  • Hostile to slide feet
  • 10 Amp Plug with earthing for security.
  • Adaptable Power line of 1.2 meter length
  • 5 preset menu options
  • Power consumption-1600 W
  • Voltage- 230 volts
  • Warranty- 1 year

Bajaj Majesty ICX:

The Majesty ICX 7 induction cooker accompanies preset menus to suit your cooking needs. With the advanced showcase clock and variable temperature determination alternative, you can customize your cooking time and temperature. With exceptionally productive and speedy warming ability, this vitality sparing induction cooktop from Bajaj devours just 1900 Watts of intensity. The material switches on this cooktop are dependable and tough. For your security, the Bajaj induction cooker doesn’t turn on if there is no viable utensil put on it.

  • 8 preset menu
  • Control Push Button
  • Keep warm mode
  • Force Switch-Indicates power devoured during cooking
  • Auto Shut Off-Induction cooker stop in 1 moment if no vessel is detected
  • Postpone Start
  • Guarantee 1 year
  • Power- 1900 watts
  • Voltage Range-130V TO 260V AC

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